Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My nap?

4:10 p.m. Today's project was to make rolls, mix up stuffing, glaze and bake a small ham, and not let Heidi and Pavel and their apple pie project get in the way in my small kitchen!

This would have been fairly reaonable for our busy kitchen, if I hadn't done a poor job with the rolls I made last night and gone to bed with a migraine, brought on, I'm sure, by the extremely emotional day we'd had in the Veterans Administration counseling center. Heidi called at 9:15 pm to let me know that she was heading out to Victorville to be with her friend Charise's mom, because the grandma was having life-and-death heart surgery. So she asked for prayer to not have fog going through the Cajon Pass. I also posted the prayer request on Facebook--lots of prayer warriors there!

After "losing" my dessert to the migraine--vomiting-- I left the rolls to cool and be put away by grandson Xavier and went to bed in our spare room. I set the alarm for 6:30. At 2:20 a.m., I heard Heidi walking into her bathroom and bedroom across the hall, so I texted her for an update while thanking God that she was home safe. The surgery was very long, and lasted through the morning. We are still praying.

The boys' other grandpa was slated to pick them up at 7:15, so he called me at 6:19 because they didn't answer their cells! I treated myself to 11 minutes of sleep until my alarm went off, and the day began. The boys left right on time, and Steve and I went to do our devotions. Later, Heidi got started in the kitchen, and things coordinated fairly well considering all of the broken sleep in the room!

When I just was about to lie down as my rolls were rising, Steve came in with the mail, which included Steven's long-awaited financial aid check, praise the Lord! "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life," Proverbs 13:12 says. For poor Steven, who has barely been surviving up in Fresno due to the lack of fitness training clients in this slow economy, the money will definitely be a tree of life! He can also pay me the money he owes for helping him out this summer.

But nap? No way! I raced to the credit union where we both have accounts, deposited it and put his share into his checking, minus the agreed-upon debt, before 2 pm's posting deadline. There will be a two day hold, but $100 is available to this "starving student" right away.

Back home, I went to glaze the ham, help with the apple pie and put the rolls in the oven. I was glad to see the sun, because Steve could get the front lawn mowed. He is at loose ends in the house after doing a few odd chores, which today included sanding a spot on our banister that had driven a huge splinter into the palm of my hand last night.

A productive day has been had so far for all of us, and now we'll run out and pick up Subway sandwiches, as is our tradition on the night before Thanksgiving. No nap is possible now, but God is holding me up well. And since Steven is going to be here in an hour, we'll have a sandwich for him, too.

With one more batch of rolls to go, I am praying and planning, even having consulted twice with the King Arthur flour people by phone. May the rolls rise fully, and our guests be delighted with the fruit of our labor and the glorious produce of God's creation. May His Name be lifted up once again at our feasting table!

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