Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: What did I learn this year?

6:49 p.m. Today's project was to unstuff, stuff, roast, peel, quarter, whip, boil, mix, bake, spoon, unwrap, carve, warm up, pour and enjoy our traditional Kruckenberg-Gray Thanksgiving dinner. We had 18 at table and three youngsters in the kitchen. Our guests brought sides and desserts, so it was a bountiful dinner.

Do you ever wish at the end of a long day on your feet that you had worn hose or socks with your shoes? Well, I am currently soaking my feet in cool water and epsom salt in a basin with my pant legs rolled up,while Steve, the kids and their significant others watch "Toy Story 3" in the family room. Steve and I have done most of the clean-up, so this is a nice break.

Before dinner, we gathered in the kitchen to pray, calling everyone in from a game of catch with the dogs. After we prayed, I asked everyone to tell us what they had learned this year. Answers ranged from our second grade great-nephew who learned multiplication, to my 83 year old dad saying he's learned more about the Bible, to my nephew who learned to play golf, our Steven who discovered that he hates flying, and Steve learning to play checkers. Since I had texted everyone ahead of time so they could think about it, the Lord had already given me an answer which I wrote out (but only shared a bit of):

I learned not to be embarassed about living on a limited fixed income; giving up conveniences like a working garage door opener, or choosing not to use the dishwasher to save money. I also learned not to be embarassed over trivial things, like waiting an extra two months before getting my roots dyed; or having to say, "We don't have the money for gas," to go to an event or meeting.

And I can ask for help now, without embarassment.

But think about the worst public embarassment you've ever had, and think: What could be more embarassing than being stripped naked, beaten and nailed to a cross on the most public place in Jerusalem?

As Hebrews 12:4 reminds us, we haven't given our lives fighting sin!

I am grateful for the relative toughness of this season in our lives--because I'm learning more of the depth of God's big and small mercies!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Grays, Kruckenbergs, Ilies, Abbotts, Roelofsz's, and ItalicLoves!

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