Monday, November 15, 2010

Pretty good for a Monday!

4:01 p.m. Today's project was to cut expenses and fees from various sources. Since last night, when we saw an ad from DirecTV quoting a new subscriber fee about $50 a month less than what we have been paying for the last few years, our daughter Heidi urged us to try to get that same price. Thanks to the Lord, even if we couldn't come in as new subscribers, they were able to cut $18.50 off a month, a nice rate change.

Next, I called our primary care doctor to see what the cost was going to be to obtain two years' records of Steve's treatment for Alzheimers. Our long term care insurance company, Genworth, is requesting records from his neurologist also. The receptionist told us that if they get the request directly from the company and then fax it, we wouldn't be charged. Better yet, I later discovered a voicemail from Genworth, saying that they use a records capturing service and that they cover all expenses! God is so good!

I went ahead and called the neurologist, because we had run out of Steve's Aricept and I hoped they had more samples. The nurse and I had a long conversation in which I mentioned some uncertainty about whether that drug was effective or not, because Steve uses natural supplements, nutrition, and four other prescriptions coordinated between both doctors, as well as my consistent, systematic efforts to keep him focused and on task every day. The nurse mentioned that perhaps Steve would benefit from a much greater dose of Aricept, and that the neurologist would prescribe it. Now we just have to find a pharmacy that carries the 23 milligram version.

I know that Steve's times are in God's hands, and so is the progress of this devastating inherited disease. But at this midpoint, where his confusion is increasing, but is not yet overwhelming to us, could more medication hurt? I'll let the Lord give His verdict, by allowing the stronger version to become obtainable--or not!

Believers do not always get a direct word from the Holy Spirit on a matter. Just as often, or probably more often, God allows His will to be made plain by the circumstances He puts us in. The Apostle Paul wanted to take the gospel into the Asian province of Bithynia, but was hindered by the Holy Spirit (Acts 16:6-7). We 'll see what happens. Aricept 23 mg will either become available in our area or it won't, and I'll be at peace either way...and either way, the co-pay on this brand name drug will still be $50 that I am waiting to be provided with! Meanwhile, Steve is doing fine after two days without it.

Next, I was able to make a successful product exchange on the Mary Kay website, so I won't have wasted money on a client-returned product. Love that 100% satisfaction guarantee!

I had been praying for Steven's appointment at Fresno Pacific's Financial Aid office today to get the correct amount of the Parent Plus loan arranged, in order to pay the remaining tuition balance for the year and have some money for him to buy books with and live on. By early afternoon, it seems that the figures were arrived at. Pretty good for a Monday!

No such luck, however, dealing with the County Animal Services division. Seems I can't get a senior discount on license fees until age 60, next year, and that both dogs have to have a V-chip inserted! When did this ruling go down? I guess "people business" has had me occupied, along with survival...the Lord knows, and He will make a way, I am sure. So there's another financial goal to plan for!

My determination is not to let "the little foxes" (of dread and discouragement) "spoil the grapes," (Song of Solomon 2:15) as I trust the Lord along the journey of this life. I love life, even with its stresses, strains, struggles and heartaches! That's because I know, in a personal, intimate way, life's Giver!

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