Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is risen!!

8:09 p.m., Easter Sunday 2012. Today's project was to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with our church family, friends and our own family. We owe our all to Him--neither I nor my daughters would have met our husbands if we had not all been Christians!

With a 9:45 service to attend, actual arrival time 9:15 to get a handicapped parking slot for Steve; a brunch at 11:30 at my daughter Heather's in-laws' home; and dinner at home for my daughter Heidi and her husband, my sister and my dad at 3 p.m., I had a day designed with no gaps whatsoever. Can't complain, however, since I'm the responsible scheduler!

To get a bit ahead of the game, I prebaked the "Pioneer Woman" cinnamon rolls for brunch at the Loves, so we could head over right after 2nd service ended. Then I  made up a nice rub for the four pork tenderloins to be served at our dinner along with young greens from our garden, rolls, and my sister Dona's side dish. Heidi was to pick up a dessert also on her way home from teaching 3rd service 5th & 6th grade class.

My sister was to come up here from San Diego with her scalloped potatoes and a dessert. She had also given me a Mary Kay product list that I'd filled and set aside for her. But last night after our arrival home from Long Beach, I read her email confirming that she and her cat were spending the night! I replied as nicely as possible that with my allergy and Steve's cat-hating, very late stage Alzheimer's condition, that would be a non-starter. Could any of her grown kids take the cat? Or a friend? Plus, our dog Jada would have barked the entire time the cat was here, including all night if the two critters were placed in the garage. And this is hardly the time for an overnight guest, because daily Steve becomes more difficult to handle, even for the caregivers. We have a renter in the extra bedroom now, too. She said she'd make other arrangements. I still felt mean and guilty somehow, but was praising the Lord that she understood my situation here.

But this morning, I opened a new email saying she wasn't coming. We talked later on the phone and figured out her order, wished each other Happy Easter, and I completed my devotions. My journalling was a tad shaky because I felt disappointed by and disappointing to my sister, which I confessed to the Lord; but I pulled my focus back to God and His glory for the day. In doing so, staying consistent, I received a peace that all details would be taken care of! I John 3:20 gives me such comfort in these awkward, self-condemning grey areas:

For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.

And He surely does! God knew we'd get to church in plenty of time for an awesome worship service and altar call; Steve would do reasonably well eating his brunch food at the Loves' and we'd all genuinely enjoy fellowship. I was still left in a bind of sorts: with the scalloped potatoes not arriving from San Diego, I had no side dish! God led there, too. After I put the meat in the oven, I drove to Ralphs, picked up red potatoes (my favorite) and paper towels, and got back home just after Heidi and Pavel arrived. God also knew what awesome roasted potatoes Heidi would throw together!  (Recipe below). My dad came shortly after, we had a blessed meal, and Heather and Nick popped by for dessert for a couple of hours. Steve had some awkward moments eating, but mainly he was just overwhelmed by the conversation he couldn't paticipate in.The fellowship at our dining room table never ceases to amaze. I love our holiday gatherings!

Our son Steven sent us all a text message about the Resurrection that I read aloud. It ended,

Because He died and bled for us we are free. Happy Easter, God is good. We are forgiven 'cuz He is risen!!!


Rub for Pork Tenderloins: Roll tenderloins in black pepper, garlic powder, and McCormick's dry beef stew seasoning mix. Cover in fridge until ready to roast in open pan per cooking directions per pound at 425 degrees.

Heidi's Seasoned Red Potato Wedges
Wash, dry, but do not peel red potatoes. Cut into small wedges and place on a Pam-sprayed cookie sheet. pour on "Garlic Gold" Meyer Lemon vinaigrette, sprinkle on garlic powder, salt, and paprika. Roast at 425 degrees one hour, along with meat.

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