Friday, April 20, 2012

Open your mouth wide...

5:57 p.m. Today's project was to earn the money for a trip to go visit my grandson Clark in Long Beach. That's substantial money with gas at $4.09 a gallon and a round trip of 140 miles!

"Earning gas money" probably sounds kind of funny to most people, but any business owner would understand. You pray for guidance, set a goal for what the family needs, and go about earning it!  I've been so focused on interviewing and  recruiting team members, picking up guests for meetings and serving my existing customers, that these ten days between the deposit of our rent check from the Cheyenne, Wyoming house and Steve's Social Security direct deposit hasn't yet been covered by my Mary Kay earnings as usual.

Knowing God had a plan all along, and thanking Him for great income and new customers last week, I remembered Psalm 81:10, where God reminds His people who He and what He will do for them if they will eschew other gods:

I am the LORD your God,
Who brought you out of the land
   of Egypt;
Open your mouth wide, and I will
  fill it.

On my first stop, I went to my credit union and came up with a new PIN because I'd forgotten the other one; then I withdrew $30, so now I had my semi-weekly hairdresser visit paid. Why was that critical? It's because I demonstrate and sell products there every visit, and get paid in cash, ie., gas money. I did sell one item, but my stylist wants it next Friday. I also spent time with current customers, so they'll order when they need something. Before my appointment, the Lord solved another concern, okay, worry: a referral from an assistant at the daycare center next to the salon had booked a skincare party for Monday night--down by LAX! I'm not wildly happy about driving all of those freeways on the way home. But the Lord gave me an inspiration: invite the assistant to go with me!! Beatrice was surprised, touched by the offer, and in answer to  my directions question, "Yes, I know how to get there! She's my very best friend!!" Wow, God--you blew me away again, hallelujah!

My next stop was the gas station where I saw the lowest local price, so I added $5 worth before a product delivery downhill from my home. While I was at the pump, a consultant on my team called, and the Lord reminded me of a check of hers for almost $30 that I hadn't cashed! god knew when the right day was to do so, didn't He? Onward, Christian business owner!

My customer, after thanking me for inviting her to last weekend's boutique, decided to purchase a second version of her mineral foundation, so there God provided another $20 in cash. Back to the Arco station, where they'd lowered the price 2 cents a gallon, for a decent amount of gas! Now I could drive out to the eastern end of Moreno Valley to our church to pick up the gorgeous necklace jeweler Jean had promised me as a thank you for inviting her to participate in my boutique. I arrived early, so took the time to call customers from a shady parking spot. I'm looking forward to guests tomorrow and/or orders from my personal website.

Lovely necklace in hand, with money for travel, and an income-producing event in the morning, I trusted the Lord to meet my financial needs for today, tomorrow and next week--and the need of my soul to peacefully trust Jesus with every aspect of my life! 

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