Saturday, May 21, 2011

The wedding gift

6:57 p.m. Today's project was to prepare for Heidi's bridal shower, her first one of the season, given by her maid of honor and bridesmaids. I was blessed and excited to be included, since many of these affairs are girlfriends only! My married daughter Heather and I are hosting the family shower for Heidi next Saturday here at the house.

In my journal this morning I wrote, "Lord, I lift up today's bridal shower for Heidi,. May a great number of friends come, may her gifts be most generous and useful..."

My prayers were answered abundantly! Her dearest friends were all there, even her maid of honor Charise from Las Vegas, and college roomies Amy from Laguna and Jillian from Granada Hills. The games were really funny and silly, but also challenging, as illustrated by the Toilet Paper Bridal Gown game. We worked in teams of five, spurred on by calls of "Make it Work!" a la Tim Gunn of "Project Runway." Other games featured kitchen tools, famous married couples, and games calling for a pretty solid knowledge of the bride! Even I couldn't remember Heidi's favorite Bible verse, Psalm 37:4, on the spur of the moment!

Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

That verse totally tells Heidi's story of waiting patiently, while serving the Lord, for just the right man at just the right time--Pavel!

Her gifts were very generous, many of them from her Crate & Barrel and Target registries. I was pleased to see a lack of the crudeness that often rears its head on these occasions. The married ladies in the group showed wonderful self-restraint, as becoming women of God. I was reminded of God's view of marriage by Max Lucado's comment while being interviewed on the Huckabee show concerning California's adulterous former governor. He stated, "Sex is a gift from God--a wedding gift!" Very well and scripturally said!!

The shower wrapped up, gifts and food were loaded up, and our evening's schedule began. While daughter-in-law Marisela and Heather were at the shower, son Kriss and son-in-law Nick spent the afternoon with Steve, taking him to In 'N Out burger for his birthday. Kriss was also able to stop the squealing in his Infiniti's brakes by using some of his dad's tools. We said goodbye to our Long Beach children, and Steve brought all of the gifts into our home.

Heidi and Heather drove off to Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley to watch the high school drama production of Pride and Prejudice; I went to the grocery store to pick up frozen meatballs for our Home Fellowship's end of the year potluck feast tomorrow. Meatball sandwiches were a hit the last time I brought them, so I figure we'll all enjoy them again.

Not used to being the honored guest at a bridal shower, Heidi kept back her tears of joy and was a gracious and composed bride-to-be. And I am one blessed mother of five, this year's Mother of the Bride!

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