Friday, May 4, 2012

Beauty does beautiful things

8:40 p.m. Today's project was to stop over my friend and fellow Bible study leader Helen's home to pick up the home-hospital equipment that she'd offered to give me. Her 43-year-old daughter Heather has late-stage MS, and has had to be moved to a medical facility. heater openly gives the glory to the Lord for her life, and knows that He is allowing it for a reason--she is a strong witness to God's grace!

My visit with Helen was in the midst of my very busy business day, starting with a sale and customer follow-up at the beauty salon, and newly-browned hair to boot! Later, I was set to help a lovely young believer with her skin issues. My business is so gratifying, helping women to feel as beautiful on the outside as God sees them on the inside!

For lunch on the road, I opened up my lunch sack and gobbled some freshly made egg salad ( 4 riced boiled eggs, Lighthouse cilantro dressing, mayo, a couple of tablespoons fresh buttermilk ranch dressing, salt and freshly ground pepper), chased by blueberries and spicy almonds, and pulled into Helen's driveway. On the way, I'd been enjoying Chuck Smith's radio message on the concept of James 4:17:            

To him knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin.  

Helen "did good" for me in so many ways this afternoon. She enjoyed a quick facial, during which she shared with me about her late husband and her own death and revival experience. A number of years ago, she flat-lined and did spend a moment(earth time) in heaven. She told me, "I felt the greatest peace I'd ever known. And when I'd come back to life, one nurse told me she hoped she hadn't broken my ribs because she was on top of me doing CPR!" Helen hadn't realized she'd flat-lined and had no way of knowing how long she was in the Lord's presence.  Incredible...

Helen very gently drew me out to talk about some of the issues with Steve, and somehow I felt led to share with her the panic I'm already in because of communion that will be served this Sunday (first of every month). Even though the ushers help me as well as they can, waiting  patiently for me to grasp two cups before they take away the drink tray from my lap, I always have a worry of dropping the heavy tray myself, or Steve just jerking out of his sleep and knocking it over. Helen said, when I also expressed worry that Steve doesn't get his hand up to his mouth quickly enough to drink before the cups get collected and the service ends. I love Helen for this that she said: "Dana, who cares? Just toss away the cups later! More people are admiring you for bringing Steve to church instead of institutionalizing him!" I was dumbfounded, and just said, "That's just what we do--go to church! I guess until I can't place him in the car any more or if he refuses to use a wheelchair later on, then he'll have to stay home."

We ended our visit with a trip to her "hospital closet" for bottles of waterless shampoo and body wash for later on, and bless the Lord, medical gloves for the caregivers and me to use! And unbelievable: a large plastic trash bag full of diapers!!! Do you know how much money that saves me? Then, the piece d' resistance: a bedside commode for times when Steve just can't get out of bed easily or walk quickly enough to the bathroom 10 feet away. We'll have to get him to accept that, though. Diaper liners, waterproof bed sheets, mattress protectors--Helen has everything, and was only too happy to give away anything I can use.

Lord, let me use these items for Your glory and for Steve's comfort! And may I even be able to pass them on one day! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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  1. What a wonderful provision for you.

    Hugs and prayers,