Thursday, May 31, 2012

Praise for His ways

11:27 p.m. Today's project was to Holy Spirit power through a very aggravating morning, which saw Steve's bus come 1 hour and a quarter late; horrendous traffic from south Riverside to Anaheim Hills, and half an hour wasted at a customer's home trying to get either of our wireless networks to connect! My customers and I prayed, and my notebook computer finally connected, using my WiFi. Praise His name, Jesus is truly Lord of all!

I went on to hold two interviews--the single gal is ready to join my Mary Kay team, but the married mother of three hosting our Virtual Makeover session is swamped with her children's music lessons and helping her husband with his business. God knows the timing and need of each woman I interview because, as Psalm 31:15 says,

My times are in Your hand.

 As I lay awake at 3:48 a.m. this morning--again--I received the idea that broke up my busy business day and blessed my marriage. Instead of waiting until almost 3 p.m. for the very tardy bus to bring Steve home, I picked him up from Care Connexxus at 1:00 on my way in from Orange County. He seemed a little confused, fearful and unsure when he saw me, which did bother me for a split second. But the reason is, I imagine, that he'd not been called away from his Wednesday routine before. The group was just relaxing after lunch doing quiet activities as they do daily, waiting to board their buses. But he gradually began to smile as it dawned on him that a break in routine was okay and we took off. For some reason, he has an ingrained panic response to any kind of change in plans, always has had. There is so much healing to be prayed for, for Steve!

Lunch and Starbucks at Vons was followed by shopping for him and his care giver's meals for the time I'll be gone to Ladies' Retreat, and getting some snacks for me. Our afternoon together was sweet! At home, I unloaded groceries, settled Steve in with his medications and snack, and then went upstairs for a nap before getting freshened up and organized for this evening's skin care party in Corona. The Lord went on the bless me at that party, netting almost $600 in sales!

Thank you, Lord, that we work better and more effectively when we allow "times of refreshing" come from You!

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