Monday, May 14, 2012

Better yet

2:52 p.m. Today's project was to try to straighten up a goof-up of mine from last weekend. In all of the fun and excitement of my week's close, I forgot to make the Friday afternoon call to Riverside Special Senior and Disabled Transportation to arrange rides for Steve this week to his daycare!

So, I had completed most of my devotions when 8:01 arrived and I was able to call RTA. I'd seemed to remember that between parties on Saturday, I had made a call, because the service is open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. But perhaps I sat down to do so and was distracted or interrupted, and didn't actually make the call, because the phone lady said Steve wasn't on the schedule, and of course he couldn't be added until Tuesday. So that was that. Now "remembering" that I'd called on Saturday to make Steve's ride reservation was harmless in this case, because Steve was ready to go, but I called them any way, double-checker/confirmer that I am!

Have you ever done that? Envision yourself doing something so vividly that you thought you actually did accomplish it? Proverbs 23:7 says,

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

Actually, if the Lord has given you a goal, a dream of a future ministry or accomplishment at home or in a career, God's gift of imagination can be both positive and powerful in cementing that vision in your heart, especially if it will not be fulfilled any time soon, and you are tempted to doubt whether God spoke to you at all. I love the prophecy of Joel 2:28-30 for the last days, God speaking:

"And it shall come to pass
That I will pour out my Spirit on
  all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters
  shall prophecy.
Your old men shall dream
Your young men shall see
And also on My menservants
  and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those

At the same general time as I needed to make the bus call, my prayer time with Cara was to start, and then our leadership conference call with our sales director Laurie was scheduled for 8:15! I needed to prioritize rapidly. so at 8:04, I called Cara, and her voicemail, but she called me within two minutes. We did pray, and then I was able to participate in the conference call, sharing and gleaning ideas and inspiration. We all hung up to start our day.

Downstairs meanwhile, the caregiver (who knew about the bus snafu) was guiding Steve into other activities as a distraction, so he stopped focusing on looking for the bus. Good job! Steve helped attach my new garden hose to the front spigot, occupying the time before his care giver's shift ended at 8:45, and allowing me to finish up my personal journal. Only 8:45, and I definitely had received new matters to write to the Lord about!

The rest of the day went smoothly, with a few errands I took Steve on, a nice lunch together--not as nice as the full hot meal he gets at Care Connexxus each weekday, however--and checking out the newly blooming Amaryllis in our front yard.

As I reflect on the different kind of Monday, I realized that I pocketed $51 not spent for a day at the activity center; and thanked the Lord that the Special Transportation people had gone ahead and simply put Steve down for Monday through Friday from now on! That's one less task to remember and one less phone call to make!

I also received a fresh vision for our days together because things got shaken up a bit. Instead of feeling off kilter and annoyed, I was given a new outlook on the Lord's plan for today, a better one yet!!

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