Thursday, April 22, 2010

The teaser

3:43 p.m. Today's project was to call my prayer accountability partner at 9:30 a.m. for our weekly phone prayer. Normally this would have taken place Monday morning, but plans for her daughter's October wedding took all day, and "family first" is certainly scriptural. I Timothy 5:8, New Living Translation, says, "Those who won't care for their own relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers." Selah.

Tuesday found me at Bible study and later taking a meal and encouragement to a widow in our church still laid up after a heart attack, and then leading Heart to Home that evening; Wednesday found us both resting in our respective homes, ministering to our spouses and trying to catch a breath! But the goal of prayer was not deterred, and after a rough sleepless night alongside Steve as he struggled with his C-PAP machine, I needed the energizing comfort of prayer, and she provided just that. Of course her concerns have become mine as well. Prayer, laced with agape love and grounded in the Bible, has a divine way of lifting us up to the throne of God, "where we find grace to help in time of need." (Hebrews 4:16) I was ready to go forward, enjoying our son Steven who is visiting, and preparing for a potluck at Bible study tonight.

I had another task to take care of, this one from my publisher, Tate. I had to submit a "teaser" for my book, a Bible study on Galatians, as well as a biography.I definitely was not in the mood to write my life story, but I did come up with a teaser. I'll attach both to an email when they are ready. Of course, the editor can change it if she chooses, but I am still accountable for my part of the publication process each step of the way.

The letter of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians is a strong doctrinal book, pulling believers back from the brink of negating the sole power of the Cross for salvation. I wrote and hand-typed the lessons in the 1980's and taught it to my women's home Bible study then; and the ladies from my current home study enjoyed the newly formatted version in the summer of 2009. Now the Lord is graciously expanding the study's audience through a Christian publisher. This former young mom at home could never have envisioned such an honor. (I am amazed even now, that my editor has already put the lessons into a single manuscript!) Praise God, "to whom be honor and glory everlasting."

What kind of "teaser" would get the attention of today's busy Christian bookstore or church bookstore shopper looking for a Bible study, out of hundreds of choices? Can the false doctrines of the Judaizers that Paul decimated, be germaine to combatting what pastor/evangelist Greg Laurie calls the "easy believism" found in some churches today?

I firmly believe the answer is a resounding "Yes!" because the Bible is a book for the ages, forever true and relevant. Our study group last summer certainly had lively discussion each week! Here is the "draft" teaser:

Want to live by the truth of God's Word? Be impervious to the trendy false doctrines of today? Understand who Jesus is--and isn't? The Apostle Paul's Letter to the Galatians is the Teflon coating believers need to shake off lies from the "feel good" teachings that attempt to sidestep Christ's sacrifice on the cross and the response we must give to His offer of eternal life.

Please contact me with your comments! Would you consider this book?

My most humble thanks!!

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