Saturday, June 16, 2012


9:18 p.m. Today's project was to open our home to guests for the weekly "Muffins & Makeovers," and so I did. My guests didn't make it, so I took advantage of Steve having a very good caregiver to run over to Kmart and finish up my Father's Day card and gift shopping. Later, i would be assiting a new team member with her first party, with a goasl of having her earn some money and gain confidence for conducting her own classes soon.

There will be a lot more Father's Day sentiment on tomorrow's post, after I have a opportunity to enjoy my dad, Steve, and especially new dad Kriss, for an early dinner and visiting. But today it struck me that two more dads are coming over: our nephew Chance with his daughter Cameron, and our oldest son Sean will try to make it over after returning his high school age sons to Chula Vista to their mom.

So I needed a card for Chance; decided that after all that driving to San Diego County, cash would be helpful to Sean;  which left me to find a gift for Kriss. My dad will be enjoying a new John Grisham novel. For Steve I have an aftershave cooling gel and a pair of Metrolink train tickets for us to ride anywhere the line goes in Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and LA counties. I think he'll enjoy that kind of outing, and the trains should be handicap-accessible to the degree he needs it. 

At the store, I prayed for a good selection for Kriss, because throughout scripture, verses like Proverbs 2:6 say to those seeking wisdom,

For the LORD gives wisdom;
  From His mouth come knowledge 
and understanding

I settled on a tan, long sleeved dress shirt with matching tie, in case he has an interview in the future. If he wants to exchange it, I'm sure there's a Kmart in Long Beach, if not 15 or 20 of them!

There was less than an hour before I needed to head to Corona to assist my new team member Cynthia with her debut party. I allowed plenty of time for my fear and trepidation about driving over there because of the way traffic bottlenecks on the 91 freeway there. Praise the Lord today is Saturday, because I drove over with time to spare. I taught the class, with Cynthia assisting, using the numerous full-size products and samples she received in her new consultant kit. The women were sweet and fun, very devoted to their hostess, now become their beauty consultant. At lunch, we couldn't resist talking PTA. She is president of the Corona-Norco PTA council, leader over 52 school units. I was PTA president at both Taft Elementary and North High, and then as a member of Riverside Unified's Board of Education, I attended many PTA council meetings and numerous conventions.

I love the way God uses past experiences to help us relate to others and build new friendships! Nothing is ever wasted with God, no matter how long ago a particular life passage took place.Our caregiver Elias, a strong African Christian, requested, and I added him, to the Walk in the Word Bible study mailing list, so he can do the II Samuel lessons which were written over 27 years ago!

Even though we live within the constraints of time, and shape our entire lives according to its 24-hour structure, God does not! Psalm 90:4 says of God,

For a thousand years in Your
Are like yesterday when it is past,
And like a watch in the night.

Cynthia's party was a success, so this day's goal was met. But a very good "sweetener" from the Lord was placed in my arms on my way to my next appointment: the beautiful bouquet pictured above, in appreciation for helping her business get off to a good start! She's one classy lady, and will be an asset to our Legacy Unit and my future unit ("The Uplifted Ones") as well.

May I appreciate You, Lord, for all You do in my behalf, with Your unlimited goodness, mercy, righteousness, grace and power !

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