Saturday, June 23, 2012

God's bigger picture

2:25 p.m. Today's project was to send out an email to almost 100 of my customers, friends and family members about a Mary Kay Customer Appreciation Day.They can enjoy 30% discounts while helping me to achieve $1,000 in sales for my Mary Kay business, and helping our National Kathy Helou Area achieve #1 status in the Emerald Seminar. I'm sure this all sounds like mumbo-jumbo to you, except the $1,000 and the 30% discounts! We all love a bargain, especially on a product we really like and would buy anyway.

As Proverbs 20:14 points out, both sides should leave a transaction thinking they got the best of it!

"It is good for nothing!" cries the buyer; but when he has gone his way, he boasts.

And being part of a bigger cause, like an athlete working hard for his team while achieving his own personal best, is a blessing to me. In other words, it's NOT all about me! I love walking with the Lord daily, and do ask for His help to improve that walk. But happily, I also  see the need to mentor and counsel other Christians to improve their relationship with Jesus as well.

Early this afternoon, I got a phone call from a total stranger, who introduced herself as Marie. She found me on the website by our mutual zip code. We were delighted to find that she lives near the elementary school my kids attended; thus only blocks away in the same neighborhood! Long story short, she came over, we hit it off immediately (both being teachers), she had a facial, and then made a much-needed purchase.

Here's where God's Bigger Picture comes in: I asked her why her brilliant daughter, studying at Claremont McKenna, wants to be a neurology researcher. It turns out that Marie has MS. But worse yet, her first husband died of lung cancer, never having smoked. We had a very extensive conversation, of course including Steve's condition and the supplements that  are making a difference for him.

Mary Kay Ash said, "Everyone wears an invisible sign around their neck that says, 'Make me feel important.' " And even though I have spent many long but blessed hours with women seeking scriptural guidance over the last 30 years, I tend to remember Mary Kay's saying, because it paints a picture. One might even change the word "important" to "loved," since the love of Christ is what we want our friends, customers, family members and business associates to feel!

Marie gave me a big hug as she left two hours later, and I know we'll see each other around  "the hood," now that we've met.

I pray that I did my part in the bigger picture of representing Christ today!

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