Monday, June 25, 2012


10:49 p.m. Today's project was to lead my Crew #20 for our second night of "Sky," Vacation Bible School for 2012. The theme is "Trust God,"and the activities all have the idea of airplanes, rockets, clouds and God's power over all the universe.
My crew assistant is the teenage daughter of VBS leader and stage production manager Regina, and my crew members' parents are very active at church. I'm thankful that they trust me! (I think)!

Our Bible station is totally entertaining and hilarious. We take a "flight" in upstairs classrooms to destinations like Capernaum and Bethany for stories from Jesus' ministry. (Reminds me of "Soaring over California" at Disney's California Adventure).The leaders of the Bible station are the funniest young men at church. I laughed so hard each of our two first nights that my face hurt!

The songs are great and easy for all of the kids, ages 5-12, to learn. I also saved the cost of a Group USA tshirt by pinning a paper logo to a white or black t-shirt!

This was a really odd week to be committed to 5 evenings  a week to be at church. It's the last week of the Mary Kay Seminar year, where I have definite goals to meet by midnight, Dalls time, on Saturday night. And my great joy in life, Bible study, still has to be written and taught on Thursday. But I have faith that the Lord will multiply my available hours so that HIS goals for the kids and my goals for this seminar year will coincide--to the glory of His Name!

And true to His word that God is, as He described Himself to Israel in Isaiah 54:5, God has been my provider:

For Your Maker is your husband;
And your Redeemer is the Holy
  One of Israel;
He is called the God of the whole earth.

As our VBS theme says, I just  "Trust God!" Before I even arrived at church tonight, I'd sold $79.00 myself, and successfully encouraged team members to place their orders. Another friend is giving me a catalog party; one friend working with a Pre-K crew, ran up to me to ask if she could place her order before my $1,000 day sale on Wednesday; I sold a mascara in the craft room by pre-order before our evening started! (And my Bible study is ready to write out tomorrow, right on schedule)!

We adults are asked to volunteer at Vacation Bible School for the sake of the children, that they might come to know Christ, and ask Him into their hearts as Savior. We make sure each child is accepted for themselves, treated lovingly, and helped to enjoy and participate in all of the activities, including donating mosquito netting for children in Africa.

When I drive home each evening laughing to myself at the kids' antics and the fun learning experiences we had,  I realize this surprising fact: I'm the one who needs Vacation Bible School!

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