Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laugh at yourself

5:29 p.m. Today's project was to gather up gifts and hurry out of the house to the City of Orange to visit Chad, Rachel and new great-grand-niece Rylee, after sleeping in until 8:00! We wasted no time after our morning devotions, and left at 10:15.

Steve and I didn't even need our Fastrak because the traffic was light and the dry 91 freeway was moving quickly--no rain! We hadn't gone out blindly; KFI weather had repeatedly stated that a downpour, with winds and flooding, especially in the Station Fire burn areas, would begin in the afternoon. By 11:15, we were cuddling the tiny redhead and catching up with our nephew and his wife, both devoted believers. We followed Chad and Rachel to pick up their son Cody at preschool, so we could give him a huge "bouncy ball" we had purchased for him at Aquarium of the Pacific. We were blessed that the Lakeview offramp on the east 91 is on the way to Riverside, but to see 3 year old Cody yell, "Christmas!" as he got his ball out of the bag was worth any amount of travel! (And my getting a bit wet in the rain that had now started.) But, amazingly, as we got back on the road home, the rain lifted, so thank you, Lord! It was a quirky day, weatherwise.

Last night was different, because the rain was steady as Steve and I picked up one of our widows to take to our Piecemakers get together at church. It was a special night, because I was finally going to finish my "2 hour quilt" after four years! My faithful friends pictured above, along with 3 or 4 others who couldn't be there, had joined me in getting each stitch sewn, loaning me expertise and a machine to replace my cheap WalMart machine that fell apart any way, after being repaired weekly by DeAnna! They laughed at me and with me, to the end. Some weeks, if my mentor and instructor DeAnna was not able to attend, I cheered them on through at least four full-size quilts apiece, helped with retreat craft projects, and enjoyed untold amounts of tea, baked goods, and above all, chocolate! Christine made the ringbearer's pillow for Heather's wedding, and Vicky routinely alters clothing for church members at no charge. Our leader Jill keeps us somewhat in line, like herding cats, I'd say, with just the right amount of "needling".
What would have happened if I had felt inferior, stuffed the unfinished quilt in a closet, and just come and watched these home arts experts do their magic? I certainly wouldn't have learned anything, and their opportunity to graciously and patiently teach me would not have "materialized," pardon the pun! We have become close in so many ways--seeing each other through births, weddings, illnesses, victories and defeats. They are my creative and loyal core of "Heart to Home" crafts instructors each year. Our husbands are friends as well. We vacation together, enjoying fellowship, helping each other as vehicle and RV problems pop up. The encouragement the guys give unstintingly to Steve has been critical to his improvement--he's back at Men's Bible study again!
Romans Chapter 12 gives an extensive discussion of the way that God designed the Body of Christ with members who all differ from one another in their talents and gifts. Verses 4-6a say, "We have many members in one body, but not all members have the same function, so we being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace given to us, let us use them..."
And enjoy a good laugh with one another as well!

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