Friday, January 22, 2010

A tense 24 hours

3:20 p.m. Today's project was to pray for Steven's trip home that began at midnight, all the way from Fresno around the 58 and 395 freeways, because the short route through the Grapevine was closed due to snow.

I went to sleep around 10, and then woke up quarter of 12 a.m., and kept texting Steven every couple of hours, and praying. There was no use sleeping, so I read quite a lot of my Karen Kingsbury novel On Every Side, about a law firm that specializes in removing religious symbols from public places, and the way a small town's believers deal with it. Meanwhile here in town the rain was just pounding, and the enemy filled my brain with horrors of every kind. You cannot imagine my relief when I texted him at 5 a.m., "Where are you?" and he answered "home." I am so grateful for God hearing and answering prayers of so many family and friends!
Steven got up again at 7:30, made up some oatmeal, and set off for Hollywood for his 11:00 photo shoot for MuscleTech. When we messaged again, he had stopped to pray with 3 homeless people on the street near the studio, and they laid hands on him, for anointing at the Fresno Unite! all-city high school retreat, whose bus leaves Fresno at 4:30 today. Steven completed his session, and now is officially sponsored by the supplement company! May he continue to represent the Lord in the bodybuilding arena. I'll again paraphrase from Romans 12--let each of us use our particular gifts and talents to build up the Body of Christ!
We had a short-lived sigh of relief, for Steven immediately hopped back on the road and up the now-cleared Grapevine for a speedy trip back home. He went at a non-mom approved speed and went through a snowstorm, but now at last checking, he's only 60 miles from home. He did ask for prayer, because he is beginning to get drowsy, and we all know that the last leg of a trip is when people tend to give in to drowsiness. (Our Heather fell asleep and ran into a median on her way back home to Venturs where she was attending photography school, not 5 miles from her apartment a few years ago!) Time to get all the sibs and Steve "doubling down" in prayer!!
Obviously I won't rest until Steven has arrived at his church. He'll probably be able to sleep well even amidsdt the excited racket of a bus full of teens; I know I would in his shoes!
Praise report right now!! (4:15) Steven is home and headed over the few blocks to his church for the 4:30 bus boarding time! Lord, You are so good!
Now Steve and I can go in peace to meet our friends Robert and Debbie Snyder at Jason's Deli for dinner; I can return home and finish tomorrow's Bible study; and I promise you I will get an exceptionally good night's sleep!!

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