Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Days of Family

10:27 p.m. Today's project was to finish my II Samuel  Chapter 5 study for tomorrow, which effort was complicated by the 4th of July  holiday--the adult daycare center where Steve daily spends 6 hours of constructive acitivity was closed. This morning was a rough one. When the caregiver arrived at 5 a.m., Steve was up and drenched. My happy thought of sleeping until 6:30 was shot down in the clean-up and cheer-up operation that ensued. But praise the Lord, Steve was later led downstairs shampooed, shaved, sharp and sanguine, so my care for him became a matter of keeping him occupied while I wrote.

I was on a deadline (I won't keep using the term "crunch time," but it was!)  Good thing I'd prayed with Cara, and finished my devotions by 8:30 when the caregiver left. I only had until 12:30, when Heidi and Pavel were slated to arrive for a visit to download their 2nd honeymoon pictures into my computer. Steve wanted to "vacuum,"so I got it all plugged in and set up, and even though I think he just pushed the vacuum back and forth in one spot, I had some time to put pen to paper!  

Normally, I finish writing the study on Tuesday,but I actually, amazingly, TOOK AN AFTERNOON OFF (n..b,) to go see our baby Grandson Clark, who lives in Long Beach with his dad and mom Kriss and Marisela. After getting only 5 hours of sleep last night, going to an an optometrist appointment, and a very sociable facial with my former teaching colleague Terry, a quick getaway was just the thing! Isaiah 28:11b-12 speaks of His people being refreshed by His word:

He will speak to this people,
To whom He said, "This is the
  rest with which
You may cause the weary
  to rest, "
And, 'This is the refreshing."

Clark's laughing, smiling, and activity level make it clear that he's not a newborn baby any more. Kriss had yesterday off, so the two of us kept Clark clean, entertained and fed until Mom came and took over after work. After a delicious albondigas soup dinner, I drove home with a peace and joy in my heart, praise to our God!

Today, I was blesssed to spend time with extended family. At first, I was determined to bring my husband with me to an aftenoon barbecue dinner with all the trimmings at my daughter Heidi's in-laws'..But he was mopey, silent, and very unhappy while Heidi and Pavel were over, despite my taking him to the garden to do  little harvesting, which he enjoyed. So I went alone, and enjoyed my time so much. Steve was at home with a favorite caregiver, Cassandra, until Michael took over at 6 p.m., when I took my daughter Heather's in-laws up on their offer to eat barbecue with them and watch the annual fireworks show from their yard. Both of their grown children were out of town; as were all five of mine. 

I questioned myself about whether Steve should go, and made inquiries of the Lord before deciding. The answer came at lunchtime, as Steve dropped noodles all over his placemat, making a mess that would have been at best, awkward at another person"s home, no matter how graciuos the hostess! so he stayed home, going to bed two hours before the fireworks show even started.

The Lord knows what we need, and I needed to spend time with family today, blessing and being blessed!

What is your greatest need today? Take it to the Lord in prayer! 

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