Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One very long day

7:50 p.m. Today's project was to get to Dallas, Texas  for our Kay Seminar. It's an annual opportunity to learn, grow and to encourage one another in the Lord, and to be recognized for a year of hard work.

I got up at 4 a.m. PST and left with my daughter Heidi on our way to LAX for my 10:40 flight. The two of us had a fine time sharing critical ideas for ministry, as well as our individual goals and vision for the edification of those we teach. Isaiah 45:24 gives us assurance:

Surely in the LORD I have righteousness and strengt.h.

All went smoothly at the airport, with God even finding me the perfect set for plugging in my device chargers while I had a hot latte and posted my daily scripture on Facebook. His goodness even extended to me remembering to print out my boarding pass. And just as Samson prayed for his strength to return one more time, which God did answer when Samson pulled down the temple  of Dagon over the lords of the Philistines, my printer made one last photocopy!  I'll get cartridges as soon as I get back, because I need to print some up for my ladies at II Samuel study on Thursday.

The flight barely landed it into position for my connecting flight in Albuquerque. At Dallas Love Field, I clambered into a shuttle which I hadn't pre-paid the ticket for. More time wasted, but one can only remember so much, with caring for two disabled guys (my husband and father).Now at the Hyatt, my Mary Kay buddies and I stayed in the hotel over here for dinner buffet--too hot and muggy outside to walk anywhere today!

It's after 10 p.m. here, so I think I'll prep for bed while my roomies are out and about the hotel.

Thank you, Lord, for having us all arrive safely!

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