Monday, July 9, 2012

Drawer album

7:54 p.m. today's project was to look through the bottom drawer of the downstairs (guest) bathroom for a selection of hand towels to show a caregiver. The idea was not to use our huge, decorative towels for drying Steve's hands, despite my leaving the hand towels readily available on the counter...just trying to be helpful. Funny how quirky we homemakers get about the little things! Ironically, Steve himself, nor the kids, would ever have touched the big towels just for washing their hands. Obviously, things are different now, and even if an objection to this "breech of protocol" is deep inside Steve's mind, he'd have a hard time expressing it.

As I was putting the folded hand towels back in the drawer, I decided to look into the drawer above it. There were so many memories in that drawer from the kids' middle and high school years! I even found a few relics from our teenage grandsons childhood, so precious, endearing, and part of the Kruckenberg family's story! In Malachi 2:14b-15, God speaks of His plan for marriage, after denouncing men who have dealt treacherously with their wives:

Yet she is your companion
And your wife by covenant.

But did He not make them one,
Having a remnant of the Spirit?
And why one?
He seeks godly offspring.

Although not every married couple brings children into the world, one can see that it is God's plan for believers. Considering the adoption option and the medical techniques we have today, those who desire to raise a family have much more hope than at any time in history!

The fist item I noticed was a thick, stretchy blue band from the family's orthodontist, a "hygienic expander for the separation of the palatal suture." (Not the palatial future that awaits us in heaven)! This is a torture device that stretches out the upper mouth before braces put all of the teeth in proper arrangement.  Poor Kriss had a separator, making him majorly uncomfortable and slightly not cute for a time in 7th grade. But he was part of the Christian club, advanced classes and concert band, so it didn't harm his social life! Another oral item was the dental floss that he and the other braces- wearers Heidi and Heather were commanded to use diligently. No need to tell them twice--who wants food stuck in your braces or retainer? This drawer also contained, until I put it away, a plaster cast of one of their mouths.

From her drill and dance team days, I have Heather's prickly hair roller designed to stay in without pins, and some dried-up blue nail polish, probably circa 2002.  A darling tiny butterfly hair clip could have belonged to Heidi or Heather, my little women. I also noted an old Signature line bronzer compact from when Heather began her Mary Kay business. Razors, razor blades by the dozens, looks like everyone had plenty to shave off. Those might have been from Sean, Kriss and Steven, since the girls used their shared upstairs bathroom. There's Campho-phenique, a regular companion of our battered and bruised middle school and freshman year skateboarder Steven. After the half-pipe accident that left him in a cast up to his hip, our youngest decided to play it a bit safer and took up tackle football! Was Steven a "man's man," or "the monkeys' brother," as he used to call himself when he was little and climbing all over my kitchen?!

There are even souvenirs from our grandsons, Adrian and Xavier, now 16 and 14:Spider Man and Jimmy Neutron toothbrushes that we bought together at Vons years ago. That brings the total of old toothbrushes in just this one drawer to 10. (At least they can be sterilized in the dishwasher if somebody comes home to visit and forgot their own). For the traveler, there are two toothbrush holders to keep out germs, once used when Heather went to Mexico with her church youth group to build houses. There are about 20 unused but pretty dusty Q-tips in there, and an eyebrow pencil sharpener. Oh, and a clear red plastic school supply zippered pouch in pretty good shape, so it may have been left behind recently by one of the grandsons.

You probably have one of these drawers full of commonplace memorabilia that you aren't any more likely to toss out than I am. We're moms, and every little thing used by our now-grown children paints a memory, a snapshot in time. Our kids remember events as they got older most likely, but probably don't think much about. I used to wonder if the days here at home held a place in their hearts like they do in mine.

Now that they are adults, there are hints that family memories are important to them! I heard Heidi tell her husband that our family used to go to Monterey all the time, and they just took a first anniversary trip there. I'm pretty sure that each of the kids has made sure to have a real Christmas tree in their home. If pictures around the house make an impression, our Heather is a photographer now. Steven now lives in the Central Valley that had us groaning for hours on the way to Monterey. Sean's boys are carrying on football and basketball sports traditions of their dad and uncles Kriss and Steven. Sean himself had a career in the military like his grandpas both did!

I've been up late nights putting together Pavel and Heidi's virtual Wedding album I make for all of my kids' 1st anniversary, since the traditional gift is paper. Too much work for these old eyes and brain, but well worth the effort when the completed book is mailed back here.

I must state, however, that my effortless drawer album is pretty good at stirring up memories, too!

Psalm 34:3:

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.

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