Thursday, June 24, 2010

An ideal day

3:36 p.m. Today's project was to enjoy Bible study with our ladies, seeing the work of the Holy Spirit using Scripture and the calling He has given me to study, write and teach it, in the lives and comments of the members. We really teach and exhort one another, whether our understanding of the Word is deepened or is blossoming for the first time! I Samuel Chapter 3 contains young Samuel's call to know the Lord, and his call to ministry. That chapter contains so many rich veins of truth in each passage that it would be impossible for any one teacher to mine it all! But this small body of believers all works together, as the Lord leads, "for the edifying of itself in love." (Ephesians 4:16b) And to hear the sisters praying for one another's needs despite having deep needs of their own--or maybe because of it!--is just a slice of heaven!

After Charlotte drove Cindy and me back to my house, I rushed in, ate lunch with Steve, changed from a skirt to cargo capris, and hopped into my Jeep for a trip out to church. I needed to meet with Veronica, Ivett and my helper Joanna to get supplies for my Vacation Bible School preschool Bible station. Like any teacher, I was eager to get into my classroom and "get the lay of the land," so I could begin envisioning how I want to lay out the reading area, the activity area, and the ocean-themed decorations for the whiteboard and walls. Ivett called youth pastor Joel, asking him to create posters for my classroom, we discussed the props for the first day's Bible adventure, and then went to the education building with my helper Joanna.

There we saw the giant "boat" that will be on permanent display in our classroom. Score!! I am very grateful that it's going to be rolled into my preschool room, especially with hundreds of children attending the elementary level VBS, which I believe has the same "High Seas" theme. But I will actually need it for my second lesson, where the children will pretend they are the disciples in the boat with Jesus, when Peter walks on water. (Mark 14:29) It's spectacular!

Once my helper and I measured out the gorgeous ocean mural and figured out what we need--masking tape, black crepe paper, plasti-tack (to put posters on the wall), and a bell. We had a few moments to chat and get to know each other better. I put all my supplies from home in a corner of the room, and headed for home. Once here, Steve and I did some gardening, harvested tomatillos and tomatoes, and he went out to walk the dogs.

As I began the search for masking tape, I also found a small but loud bell! While seraching for the plasti-tack in my desk drawer, I came upon an old cell phone, and went to the garage to toss it into the charity collection bag that I am filling up for the Cancer Society. While doing that, I looked up onto a shelf in the garage, and there was a little package of plasti-tack right in front of my eyes!! Praise the Lord! I can't wait to see when and how the crepe paper turns up!

God is so good, even in the tiny details and needs we bring before Him! We step forward to serve; He provides the means and materials. We remember the sick and poor; He spares us an expenditure we would have gladly made! In Psalm 50:12b God says, "The world is Mine, and all its fulness." He not only owns everything in His creation, He knows where everything is!!!

What a mighty God we serve!

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