Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A mom's reward

3:30 p.m. Today's project was to go to Mary Me Bridal in Orange with Heidi, Heather and her bridesmaids to select her wedding gown. Such fun and exitement!

As we gathered at the house about 9 o'clock this morning, we were in a giddy mood, making ridiculous wise cracks and putting Heidi at ease. No uptight bride here! We are all believers, supportive of our beloved bride. I love what Ephesians 4:25b says, as we prepared to give our thumbs-up and thumbs-down to the scores of gowns Heidi would be trying on, "Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor, for we are members of one another." And while we wanted to give our honest opinions, we would be putting into practice Ephesians 4:32a: "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted..." Likes and dislikes can be very strong, but the only opinion that truly counts is the bride's!
I told Heidi from the start, that since all of the gowns would look good on her former model figure, it really boiled down to, "How do you see yourself? Super modern, vintage, romantic, traditional, classic, sophisticated, trendy, fairy princess, elegant, sweet?" The choices went on and on--ruched, flouncy, angular, lacy, long or short train, assymetrical/artsy, "origami"-style cut-outs, satin, brocade, bright white or ivory? Straps or strapless? Bling-y, or unornamented?Netting and lace overskirt? What kind of lace? Satin, brocade, lightweight or heavy? Easy to sit or dance in? How high are the heels she'd be wearing?
Heather, Shea, Brenda, Danielle, Charise and I sat in a cozy corner near a mannequin dressed in a very vintage look, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the selections, but we were really of one mind as to what looked good on Heidi within her price range and preferences. It came down to two favorites, but the more modern dress between the "romantic" choices won the day!! (And the train was not too long for maid of honor Charise to keep a handle on!!)
Heidi, Heather, Charise and I ended our outing back in Riverside at the bride's favorite restaurant, Chipotle. I told Heather that I loved sitting on the patio like the "cool people" at the Riverside Plaza watching the people walk by. Ludicrous, I know! Normally when I'm down that way, I'm grocery shopping at Vons or quickly diving into the Verizon store for a phone or accessories. A leisurely girls' lunch, especially during Vacation Bible School week, is just unheard-of!! Amazingly, I was able to get my Bible study written for Thursday this afternoon, too!
The Lord blessed our day with harmony, a major goal met, and a bright outlook for future wedding plans. Heidi and Pavel's venue, Kimberly Crest Estate in Redlands, was booked months ago; the dress was the next big task. As the year flies by towards June 25, 2011, we'll work on bridesmades and groomsmen's clothes, table settings, caterers and flowers. Next spring, the pace will heat up with invitations and actual wedding day coordination details. It's good to have recent experience, with Kriss' and Heather's weddings! But like each of my children's personalities, this wedding will differ in so many ways from the others.
No matter the details of the wedding celebration, the schedule and the stresses to come, we know the Lord is in the couple He has brought together: Pavel Ilie and Heidi Kruckenberg!

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