Friday, August 20, 2010

Definitely pouring in Fresno

5:47 p.m. Today's project was to drop Steven off at his fitness studio, "Middleton's Health and Fitness," which he co-owns with his good friend Eric. Eric's older brother runs a school for mentally retarded adults in the same building as Steven and his friend administer a physical education program for them. As I took a quick tour of the facility, I saw a nice variety of machines. Not a bad start, I thought, telling Steven that I'm proud of what he's accomplishing. All this on top of the high school ministry he helps lead at the Peoples' church, his studies at Fresno Pacific, finding jobs for his friends throughout the state, and his constant evangelism make for one blessedly busy young man!
His dad and I went on to Vons for a few groceries. I was about to buy a small saucepan for boiling the 3 ears of corn we'd brought along from our garden, when the Lord reminded me that the large covered sautee pan Steven already has would serve nicely to steam the corn, if I broke the ears in half. $21.99 + tax saved!

Still having some time to kill, we stopped over at the adjacent Taco Bell. We saw a 99 cent taco deal, so after crossing the drive-through to get into the restaurant (an awkward design!), we took our bag of quarters, nickel and dimes that we keep in the glove box for emergency gas money/homeless giving and ordered one taco. Steve got seated and I went to the ladies' room, (which was my actual reason for going in). From there I heard our number called out, and was concerned that Steve wouldn't hear or remember to check the order number, but when I got back to the table, I saw him with 2 tacos! Steve explained, "The lady told me it looked like I needed another one!" You know, Jesus tells us He is always with us (Matthew 28:20, Hebrews 13:5) but the two small blessings we experienced were still delightful!

And do we ever need His presence here in Fresno! "When it rains, it pours," the saying goes. We have been trying to figure out: paying for Steven's school, getting his Jeep repaired tomorrow, and a speeding ticket he needs to take care of. Last night his FAFSA finally went through, starting a process in which he can apply for other aid. Before we dropped Steven off at work, we ordered and paid for the needed parts at the local Kragens. I'm somewhat mollified by the refund we'll get back when Steven and his mechanic friend take in the Jeep's old power steering pump.

Steve and I spent a relaxing afternoon in the apartment, doing laundry, enjoying our corn with plenty of butter, and sprucing things up. I checked out the details of paying the court fines and wrote them down for Steven--and experienced one long hold time! Then we did some reading and I took a much-needed nap, worn out. We parents just love to help our kids, even in their adult years. "Children are a heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is a reward." (Psalm 127:3)

Then there's the next generation. Our 12 year old grandson Xavier called to say hello. When I told him we were in Fresno, he related that his friends don't believe his Uncle Steven is a bodybuilder. So I emailed him a picture of Steven at his last competition so he can set those kids straight!

Trying and costly though their scrapes and needs may be at times, there is a love moms and dads have for their children that is hard to describe. And grandchildren are definitely the "crown of old age."
As the Lord Himself will do anything in His infinite almighty power to save and keep us, so we act in a very limited way to benefit our own children.
We just now returned from dropping Steven off at Eric's home in Fresno's elegant historic district where we met his parents. They were absolutely eloquent in their praise of Steven. "We are so pleased to meet you!" they exclaimed. "We can't say enough about Steven. He's well-grounded, has a strong faith and he's been so good for Eric!"
The fruit of this womb, child number five, has truly been our reward!

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