Thursday, June 30, 2011

In time of trial, Part I: Those who come alongside

10:18 p.m. Today's project was to teach my weekly Bible study on I Samuel 18, where King Saul tries everything from outright attempted murder, to sending David to dangerous campaigns against the Philistines, to giving him one of his daughters, anything to try to get him away from the kingdom.

David behaved very wisely, because the LORD was with him. Therefore, when Saul saw that he behaved very wisely, he was afraid of him. (I Samuel 18:14-15)

When the Lord is active in a believer's life, there will definitely be opposition from the enemy!

The devil has been trying mightily to discourage our family this past week! My Jeep's transmission quit on the way to my daughter's wedding; all kinds of problems went on before the ceremony started; our dogs got picked up by animal control, to be redeemed at great expense; our front door's frame got cracked by one of our grandsons running into it; last night's blogpost teaching the scriptural imperatives for baptism disappeared into cyberspace just as I was about to publish it; and oddly, the regular caregiver never showed up for Steve this morning!

As I shared with the ladies this morning, when you are hit with a trial, it becomes a matter of waiting to see how the Lord is going to solve the problem! And the more the trials, the more He is glorified when it is evident to one and all that Jesus intervened.

This evening at the Mary Kay meeting, I was to give the inspiration, and I had forgotten to prepare something, very unusual for me. But I flipped through the journal I keep to the Lord about my business, separate from my personal journal, and realized it was full of prayers for the various consultants and leaders, and me, that the Lord would work in our lives, give us success as He wills, and give us joy in serving other women.

I realized, "That's my inspirational talk--the Lord has already given it to me!" Despite all of the uproars and trials, the last two weeks have seen some of my highest sales, because the Lord allowed the obstacles-"thorns on the roses," my director Laurie calls them-- to be cleared away by Him! My director loaned me a van so I could keep what turned out to be lucrative appointments, and provided transportation for my family for 4 days! As for multiple trials, I have seen how many people have had the opportunity to be used by the Lord to ease our difficulties with their particular talents.

  1. When my Jeep stopped, the Lord sent two carloads of bridesmaids to quickly put me, Heidi's gown and our getting-ready supplies into one of the cars so we could proceed with hardly any time lost.

  2. When difficulties arose before the wedding, the Lord used my younger daughter Heather to find soothing music, and to lead off in prayer for Heidi's peace of mind and ensuing marriage.

  3. The Lord used our son Steven to take us home, but also to check out the Jeep later that night, and suggest that we get AAA to tow it home after trying to move it to no avail.

  4. Marc, Bonnie and Charise loaded up all the wedding stuff, minus one car, and got it home.

  5. Our mechanic Steve Kirkwood has a relatively inexpensive plan to repair the transmission!

  6. Grandson Xavier, and son-in-law Nick have been working to repair the front door.

  7. We were spared extra spaying fees by the shelter clerk, because our dogs have AKC papers indicating we could breed them. A friend will also be putting a heavy spring on the gate, preventing further escapes!

  8. Our teenage grandsons were here this morning to be with Steve in the absence of the caregiver!

  9. This evening, Matt and Samantha Simmons delivered an extra care for me to drive for as long as I need it!

  10. Our new caregiver not only hooked up the DVD player to our tv for Steve this evening, but goes to our church and knows Heidi and Pavel!

The Lord is fully capable of solving any problem you have, believer, many or few! And He knows how to bless, reward, and honor those who come alongside the needy.

Never think that you won't need help desperately at some time in your life; conversely, never think that you have no talent or substance to give to another in need!

Tomorrow, In time of trial, Part II: The value of a husband

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