Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out and about

6:02 p.m. Today's project was to take my daughter Heather to the Riverside Medical Clinic for her appointment--she's been sickwith the flu since the weekend. Her husband has been trying to keep well, with a double schedule of full time school and full time grad school. Oh, to be young and have that kind of energy and focus!

Heather's flu had subsided, the doctor said, but now she was suffering a bacterial infection! So I left her off at home to take her prescription and go back to bed, with a promise to bake a Freschetta pizza for Nick later. James 5:15 assures us, "the prayer of faith will will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him [her] up." So this mom is praying!

Steve had been busy meanwhile packing up the RV for our Lake Skinner trip Friday-Sunday. I jetted home, made our lunches, harvested my virtual cotton on Farm Town, and earned a pile of coins harvesting pineapples for a blessed sister on her beautiful acreage! : -) Hey, girls just wanna have fun!

My friend Monica and I had a prayer visit planned for 1:30, so I went over to Woodcrest to her home. My goodness, how I bless the Lord for bringing Jeff and Monica through not only physical illnesses and injuries, but to top it off, the severe effects of recession on the construction industry. Yet the Lord has increased their ministry, and they are already planning a couples' Bible study for February. It took two hours for her story to unfold, amid both of our tears, with a sprinkling of miracles in the mix, for our God is faithful. This past summer in Yosemite, this couple, despite going through fiery trials, renewed their vows in a public commitment that their marriage is for life! My heart was so touched because Steve and I too are learning the meaning, in real time, of the wedding vow "in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, til death do us part."

We prayed at length, and were so aware of the Holy Spirit's sweetening presence that our demeanors were changed, uplifted, energized to wait on the Lord, and act with prayerful wisdom as He directs! We wrapped up our time with Monica's very first facial. I also made note of the creative way her home is decorated and asked if I could hire her to decorate and wrap my line of Christmas gift products, if I provide the bows, cello wrap, tulle, ribbon and packaging, so she can make a little income. So it ended up as an afternoon of mutual ministry and sisters supporting one another.

The day was not over yet! I got home, said "Hi" to Steve once again, and told Heidi where she could find their Frescettta pizza . I left with one to bake one for Heather's husband, due home by 5:30 for a brief time at home before he'd be driving to class at Cal Poly. The Azithromycin must not have kicked in yet, because Heather looked and sounded worse than she had this morning. We talked a bit, she fell back asleep, and I was able to head out after Nick arrived.

Not yet able to go home, I remembered to drop off Steve's prescriptions up the road at CVS. I now have, after eating dinner with Steve and Heidi, one hour before going out again to pick up the medication at 8:00. I wonder what time I'll get to bed tonight!

Better late than never in writing my daily blog, but today has been busily blessed, full of the Lord's lovingkindness to me and through me, and I love Him for it!

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  1. Oh my goodness Dana!!You had a very busy day..filled with serving and blessing others!!

    My daughter and I had that darn flu..I snapped out of it but my daughter even after flu and her viral infection is still not tip top. I made her stay home and rest the last couple nights after school.

    Never a dull moment but a blessing too!

    Take care and make sure you get some rest too!