Monday, October 26, 2009

Too much of an odd thing

4:21 p.m. Today's project started last night, when I queried my Facebook friends about what I should do with almost 2 lbs of sour cream left over from a Mexican feast three of us had served to our Home Fellowship for dinner. I tossed the question out there because I was too lazy to go get a cookbook, and was also looking for something novel.

A few of my girlfriends came through. One beanpole said, "Get your onion soup dip mix and lots of chips and kick back." Not with a Weight Loss Challenge weigh-in tomorrow! Another offered that her parents grew up in Minnesota and spread sour cream on bread and sprinkled it with sugar for a snack. Not wanting to appear unappreciative, I wrote that her parents' snack reminded me of my Deep South-raised dad's favorite: fresh churned butter on bread, with sugar on top. He's now 82, and very fit, so who am I to object to these "treats?" I wasn't in the mood for beef stroganoff, another suggestion. Maybe that would sound good next month, with cooler temperatures--too late for this batch of sour cream. Don't you just love the differences we Americans have, from north, south, east and west?

Another young friend, an expectant mother, suggested that I call her mom--a friend of mine--but I just got voicemail and haven't heard back. I'll see her at Bible study tomorrow anyway.

So late this morning, the day for action, the phrase kept coming to me, "sour cream coffeecake." Aha! So I did get out a church cookbook, and there were two useful recipes in a row. I only needed one ingredient and some disposable pans to use for giving one or both of the cakes away. Couldn't find the exact ingredient, so I made substituions, and the first two streusel coffee cakes came out well.

I only have to make two more, so I'll try another recipe that calls for a chocolate chip and nut filling. Whichever comes out best, I'll take to the church office, and the next best to Piecemakers quilting and craft group. That will leave one to eat at home and one to freeze for a future gift, or for guests.

Best of all, my abundance of sour cream will be whittled down to a manageable amount, and more suggestions are welcome! I agree with Proverbs 15:22 which tells us that " the multitude of counsellors plans are established."

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