Friday, October 30, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back

1:30 p.m. Today's project is to get on the road to Lake Skinner for a weekend of camping (or "glamping" as my buddies call it!) in the RV. It hasn't sold yet, and payments are current, so why not use it?
We are tagging along with friends as they try out their 42 ft long trailer--what a misnomer for that luxury craft--on a relatively short journey, just past Temecula. Just Steve and Iare going. Poor Heidi, she'll be taking care of Bailey and Jada. I'm sure Pavel will be happy to help out. Ah, young love! It also helps that he's a country boy raised on a small farm out in the La Sierra section of Riverside. Pavel can also help her pass out candy tomorrow night, which usually wraps up early. That's a good thing about living at the top of a hill. Too far for most people to walk! Heidi and Pavel might go help out at our church's Hallelujah Night later on.
After a lunch of homemade tamales--yum! I was happily loading food into the RV's fridge when I saw nasty stains on some of the compartments--what on earth? I clean up as I go along when we travel, or at worst, clean out everything as soon as we get home. Two of our kids had taken it on trips or stayed in it recently, but they are pretty tidy usually, well, sometimes.
So it's back up, remove the compartments and take them inside to wash in hot soapy water. (We haven't turned on the RV's water yet). All done, now back to packing the food. Steve polished the hubcaps and washed the windshield. A few dozen more fridge and freezer items to go and we just might hit our 2 p.m. departure time!
My daughter Heather is feeling better, the weather looks good, and we are just about ready. The short interruption was for our benefit, because we never know what conditions or traffic issues might have arisen had we left earlier. But our heavenly Father knows!

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