Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's simple!

1:47 p.m. Today's project was for Steve and me to sleep in, relax away from the usual routine, and enjoy each other's company, simply to make the most of this day. We don't know how long we will have to vacation like this, in our "rolling workshop" that Steve so enjoys tinkering around with, but we know that we have today to rejoice, to rejoice in Christ our Lord!

Upon arrival late yesterday afternoon, we had no hot water out of our tap, despite many attempts at the steps recommened by the manufacturer's manual. The default red light would not go away. We finally gave up for the night, feeling real "pioneerish" with boiling water blended with cold to wash up and wash dishes. (Who am I kidding, right?) I was just pleased that we had plenty of propane to light the burners on the stove-the rest is gravy!

This morning, after our one unbreakable routine, Bible study and devotions, Steve got an idea: unplug the electrical from the outside box, and see if the tank heater would reset. (I think that was the concept.) He tried it, turned the power right back on, and whoosh! On came the gas to the hot water tank! Plenty of very hot water=the superclean atmosphere I crave! Aren't the most ingenious solutions the simplest?

I know that some of us like to add complications, minutiae, detail upon detail, ten words when three would do, four kinds of sprinkles on our ice cream cone when we could just enjoy the clean taste of plain vanilla! I confess to bringing along all manner of items and food we won't even use this weekend, for the dread of our trip not being "just right".

But Jesus told Martha--"One thing is needful." And that is to sit at Jesus' feet!

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